Perfecting Your Smile

At Diamond Dental Care, we use the latest orthodontic techniques to give you and your family beautiful smiles. An orthodontic visit starts with a full evaluation of your teeth and a customized treatment plan.
Our Arlington family dentist uses braces to correct orthodontic problems, such as overbites, crowded teeth and gaps between teeth. Braces move the teeth by applying pressure over a long period of time, slowly perfecting your teeth.

Types of braces we offer:

  • Standard braces: Standard metal braces consist of brackets, which are cemented to the front of the teeth, and a wire called a ligature that connects the brackets. Rubber bands are also sometimes used to place additional pressure on the teeth. Adults may be surprised to see that the metal brackets are smaller and less noticeable than they used to be.
  • Clear braces: Clear braces are like standard braces, but they have clear ceramic brackets so they are less noticeable than metal brackets. This is a great option for adults and young teens, offering more cosmetic appeal.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners, similar to a mouth guard, to move teeth. They are the least noticeable type of braces, but are only suitable for young adults and older and are limited to certain types of orthodontic issues.


If you are ready to pursue a healthier, straighter smile, contact us at (817) 563-1111 for a free consultation.